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On the Armenian Genocide at Maria Assumpta Centre - Saturday, 14 October 2006, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM To find out more about this event, and download the pdf flyer, click here


A list of website links providing historical and factual information about the Armenian Genocide and its Recognition today

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BBC Radio 4 Today Programme - 12 October 2005: Interview on EU-Turkey & the Armenian Genocide with Dr Harry Hagopian


Genocide - The Armenian Chapter - by Dr Harry Hagopian - 12 March 2010

Ahead of crucial EU report MRG warns of dramatic rise in intolerance against minorities in Turkey - 5 November 2007.


Including: Dr Charles Tannock, MEP, responds to the recent Times article of 22/10/2007, in which the writer criticised the resolution by US House Foreign Affairs Committee. Turkey will never be allowed to forget the events of 1915 - Dr Charles Tannock, MEP, Letter to the The Times - 1 November 2007.You're Talking Nonsense, Mr. Ambassador by Robert Fisk in The Independant The Century of the Holocaust (hosted at the Peoples Voice) by Peter Kirsch. Paper by CRAG Chair at Nottingham Trent University.


Including: Our Lives Commemorate Their Deaths! - The Armenian Genocide by Dr Harry Hagopian, 24 April 2010. Let Me Denounce Genocide from the Dock by Robert Fisk from The Independant, 14 October 2006.

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